Forensic Medicine

It is one of the 21 teaching departments of the institute. It has the require infrastructures and staffs as prescribed by Medical Council of India.

Well experience Faculty members of the department is giving training to the students so that at the end of the course, the students shall be able to apply his medical knowledge to solve medico-legal problems related to injuries, unnatural deaths, sexual-offences etc. for the cause of justice.

The students shall be able to appear in a court of law as a Registered Medical Practitioner and give evidence in cases of Homicide, Assault, Sexual offences, Alcoholic intoxication, Drug dependence and other cases requiring medical opinion

The students shall be able to distinguish between ethical and unethical conducts of the medical practitioners and practice medicine in the society following medical ethics and etiquette as prescribed by the Indian Medical Council.

Faculty members are regularly attending Work-shops, Conferences, CME etc. Some of them are also working for as Honorary members of some National Journals. They have published a good number of papers in different journals.

Dr. A. Momon Singh Professor of the Department & Dean of the institute has been awarded Fellowship of Indian Academic of Forensic Medicine in 2008.

The department has organized State level CME on “Legal hurdles in medical practice” on 8th October 2010 in the institute