Pathology is a unique medical specialty as diagnosis is the foundation of all patient care. It is a branch of medicine dealing with the study of diseases and its underlying mechanisms and provides diagnosis for the treatment and management of patients.


The study of pathology is divided into general pathology and special or systemic pathology. In recent years with the advent of modern advances in genetics and molecular pathology, we at MAPIMS, strive to impart abundant knowledge to the budding doctors .We are striving to achieve this goal with the help of state of the art laboratories, modern equipments, audio visual aids and museum, under the supervision of experienced and well qualified teaching staff. Students get adequate exposure to the different subspecialties of pathology like Surgical pathology, Clinical pathology, Cytopathology, Hematology and Molecular pathology at our institution .We also have a separate department of Transfusion Medicine which consists of modern Blood Bank with Component separation to cater to the needs of ill patients.


Weekly journal clubs and projects, seminars and symposiums are held at the institute regularly. The academic wing has two practical halls capable of training 90 students at a time. The hospital laboratories are well equipped with advanced facilities which help to provide accurate diagnosis to the patients. We thus train the students to understand the pathology of diseases and provide the final diagnosis in all clinical ailments to the patients.

We also conduct the following projects in our department :
- Regular pap screening of all female OPD patients and organize camps in surrounding villages.
- Regular screening of pediatric and anemic patients for hemoglobinopathies.
- Immunohistochemistry studies for soft tissue and lymphoid malignancies.